2018 Homeschool

Spring Formal

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The 2018 Homeschool Spring Formal . . .

The Homeschool Spring Formal is the premiere annual homeschool event. This year marks the 17th year for the Homeschool Spring Formal. The event provides an elegant, memorable evening for Oklahoma's home-educated high school students.

The year's event will take place at the Meinders Hall of Mirrors in the Oklahoma City Civic Center starting at 7:30 on the evening of April 7th. The doors will open at 7:00 and the dance will take place from 7:30 until 11 p.m.

Historically, this event is a sell-out. Advance registration AND Pre-payment are REQUIRED. As of February 15th, homeschool juniors and seniors may register and pay through this site. On February 17th, sophomores and freshmen my register.

Prior to March 10th registrations cost $40 per person. After that time, the price becomes $50 per person.

As part of the registration process, atteendees must agree to abide by the attire and conduct guidelines.

It is strongly suggested for attendees to have completed or nearly completed a minimum of one year of high school prior to attending.

Tickets will be made available on this site starting in the middle part of February. We do ask that only juniors and seniors purchase tickets in the first 48 hours of ticket availability.

Guidelines - Please Read


The 2018 Homeschool Spring Formal Guidelines

2018 Homeschool Spring Formal Attire and Conduct Guidelines

1. The Spring Formal is a formal occasion. Please dress accordingly. Gentlemen: Suit; tuxedo; or dress slacks, buttoned-up shirt, tie. No jeans, no T-shirts. Ladies: Modest formal wear; no deep, plunging backs; revealing or deeply-plunging necklines. Strapless is acceptable as long as the neckline/back requirements are met.

2. This is a Chaperoned Event. By attending, participants agree to respect the authority of all Chaperones and/or Adult Supervisors.

3. This is a Closed Event – students are not allowed to leave and re-enter.

4. Students attending the Spring Formal will not engage in inappropriate physical contact or public displays of affection.

5. Absolutely no tobacco, alcohol, weapons, or drugs of any nature permitted.

6. There will be no slam-dancing, moshing, grinding, or other dancing that could be considered by the Chaperones as having the potential to cause an injury or be sexually provocative.

7. Mature behavior is expected; compliance with the guidelines is non-negotiable. If a student is required to leave by a Chaperone, parents may be notified. No refund will be issued.

2018 Homeschool Spring Formal Chaperon Application